About Us

The Swiss Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC) was founded in 1998 by a group of visionary Swiss-Thai business people and entrepreneurs. As the STCC became an officially accredited foreign Chamber, it qualified as a member of the Board of Trade and closely interacts on behalf of its members with key ministries and government agencies, such as the Board of Investments, Federation of Thai Industries, and Thai Banker Association, to name a few. The STCC is also a member of the Foreign Joint Chamber of Commerce, where it supports advocacy works in unison with 34 Foreign Chambers and its members.

The STCC currently has close to 160 active members, whose 120 corporate members employ roughly 50,000 people in Thailand. The corporate members range from start-up companies to well established SMEs, to large multinational organizations, representing all major industries of the Swiss economy, such as manufacturing, trading, hospitality, insurance, banking, consulting, other professional services. In addition to corporate members, some 40 ordinary and associate members represent a wide range of business professionals of high repute, who are closely connected to the Swiss-Thai investment and business scene.

Besides advocacy work on behalf of its members, the STCC is also engaged in social responsibility and community support, as well as organizing platforms for frequent networking events to share knowledge, and the exchange of business/cultural/social aspects relevant to conducting business in Thailand. It supports programs, such as vocational education scholarships for underprivileged students from rural areas, who are trained at member companies in Switzerland, which is globally recognized for its second to none vocational training programs. The STCC also fosters exchange programs for skilled workers, to extend their professional experiences at participating member companies in the manufacturing, trading and financial services sectors in Switzerland.